So recently I auditioned for a national reality TV singing show, it was an absolute blast, the people we met, the coaches, executive team, the band, all the staff involved and all the artists that we met along the way were absolutely beautiful souls with no exception.  Spoiler alert for those that may not have… Continue reading THIS IS THE “REALITY TV SHOW ABOUT SINGING” #notallowedtosaythename


This day three years ago we woke up like any other day at 5am (my kids never did get that memo about 7am wake-up protocol), but this day wasn’t like any other early morning… Three days prior we’d been told that without heart surgery Eden wouldn’t see out the week, her cardiac failure that she’d… Continue reading 6 THINGS I WISH I KNEW BEFORE OPEN HEART SURGERY

Wee, Wee, Wee all the way home!

(Pretty happy girl heading off to daycare in big girl pants). WEEK 1 So turns out my mums crazy… all week she’s been putting these things called undies on me. She must have run out of nappies or something, they don’t seem to hold much. Oh and she’s also making me sit on a “toilet”,… Continue reading Wee, Wee, Wee all the way home!

Scattered brain of a PICU mum

Just over a week ago we rushed our little girl to hospital with a confirmed case of pneumonia. Over the course of the next 36 hrs she reached the extent of care in a local hospital and we were then airlifted to our states largest paediatric hospital. Over the space of the next 48 hrs,… Continue reading Scattered brain of a PICU mum

Eden’s Birth Story

This first part was written a week after Eden was born, excuse the DRAMA So my babies one week old, what a week! Last time I went through this I was amazed they let me out of hospital with a child. I kept telling myself ‘16 year olds can do it Ruth, so can you’.… Continue reading Eden’s Birth Story

I wish

I wish I hadn’t cried so much I wish I hadn’t seen a diagnosis I wish I’d seen how beautiful you were I wish I hadn’t thought you were broken I wish I’d realised I was broken I wish I hadn’t judged you by the shape of your eyes I wish I had known they… Continue reading I wish

Then this happened!

Recently my amazing husband wrote a poem ‘I Don’t Want to Change Her, But…’ it’s pretty awesome. Today we got a bit creative… I DON’T WANT TO CHANGE HER, BUT… This is not the way I’d thought I’d start, To share this message from my heart. A question asked from my little buddy That left… Continue reading Then this happened!