Eden’s Birth Story

This first part was written a week after Eden was born, excuse the DRAMA So my babies one week old, what a week! Last time I went through this I was amazed they let me out of hospital with a child. I kept telling myself ‘16 year olds can do it Ruth, so can you’.… Continue reading Eden’s Birth Story

T21 October – Celebrating Eli

This is Eli hes 2.5 and according to his mum “Texan to the Bone”. We found out prenatally, after a long fertility struggle, that Eli would have Down syndrome. I would be lying if I said the remainder of my pregnancy wasn’t filled with stress and worry, but one of our best memories is the… Continue reading T21 October – Celebrating Eli

T21 October – Celebrating Andrew

This is Andrew and he lives in the same town as us. When Andrew was born 29 years ago his parents were told that he would be a (it pains me to write this word) “vegetable” within 5 months and the best thing they could do is walk away and leave him at hospital… Thank… Continue reading T21 October – Celebrating Andrew

T21 October – Celebrating Hazel

This is Hazel and she’s a bit divine! Her mum Steph had this to say. Our sweet little Hazel. This girl has come into our lives and completely turned it upside down, but then managed to turn it back right again. Down syndrome was not something we were prepared for, or wanted, it was just… Continue reading T21 October – Celebrating Hazel

T21 October – Celebrating Sam

This is Sam he is 2 and from Minnesota! He absolutely adores his big sister Ella and was saying her name almost a year before any other word. His biggest challenge right now is learning to walk, but he’s working pretty hard at it. Our favourite memory with Sam was spending 2 months in Kenya… Continue reading T21 October – Celebrating Sam

T21 October – Celebrating Maddie

Here’s one of our home grown Aussies! Maddie Moo is 16 months old and lives in Tasmania. Her greatest challenge has been facing Open Heart Surgery at 6 months of age. Thankfully everything went smoothly and she was home after only 3 nights in Hospital. Her favourite food is really anything she can feed herself… Continue reading T21 October – Celebrating Maddie

T21 October – Celebrating Aniston

This is Aniston, at I presume her Buddy Walk recently. Anistons mums IG account is @downrightperfect and isn’t that just the truth! You are perfect Aniston in every way! Aniston is all the way from Texas and her latest accomplishment is pulling to stand and her greatest challenge is learning to drink fluids independently (she’s… Continue reading T21 October – Celebrating Aniston