LABEL THIS!!! (Feel free to picture me saying this with 1 finger up, your choice which finger) In my life I have had the privilege of rubbing shoulders with world leaders in the areas of Religion, Politics, Business, and Music.  I have met some of the best “Motivational” speakers around, whilst they have had some… Continue reading LABEL THIS!!!

Introducing Israel! The x2 of perfectbydesignx2

For those that are not aware this blog is about our family, it’s about raising awareness of Down syndrome that has affected our world in the most positive of ways and it’s about us sharing our little journey with all of you that care to join. It is our prayer that we can introduce you… Continue reading Introducing Israel! The x2 of perfectbydesignx2

Chainsaws, Shotguns, Genocide and other WMD’s

  I received a comment recently, saying, “Can you please do a blog about chainsaws or shotguns? I am tired of crying after reading your blogs.” So here it is. About 4 years ago we stopped watching the daily news in our house – ABC4 Kids probably had a major role to play in that… Continue reading Chainsaws, Shotguns, Genocide and other WMD’s

Michael Mann you are a genius!!

I normally only blog once a month, this month however is a special month for us, and hopefully you will see why in a moment. As previously written about a few days ago, “Happy Anniversary Eden”, we celebrated 12 months from Edens open heart surgery. 2 days before the surgery was scheduled I received an… Continue reading Michael Mann you are a genius!!

There is no “WHY” in Eden

After a few decades of working with people through some of their most tragic moments, devastating losses, confusions, hurts, challenges, shattered dreams, relationship breakdowns, and many other varied situations, I have discovered a question that is far more devastating than the actual circumstance. “WHY?” I have found time and time again the debilitating nature and… Continue reading There is no “WHY” in Eden