Lessons from Shaun the Sheep?

I’m not sure if I have mentioned any of my fears in our blog before, but one of the biggest ones I have had up until recently, was the possibility, even ever so slight, that Eden would have been non-verbal in her ability to communicate, the thought  “what happens if I never get to hear… Continue reading Lessons from Shaun the Sheep?


LABEL THIS!!! (Feel free to picture me saying this with 1 finger up, your choice which finger) In my life I have had the privilege of rubbing shoulders with world leaders in the areas of Religion, Politics, Business, and Music.  I have met some of the best “Motivational” speakers around, whilst they have had some… Continue reading LABEL THIS!!!

Chainsaws, Shotguns, Genocide and other WMD’s

  I received a comment recently, saying, “Can you please do a blog about chainsaws or shotguns? I am tired of crying after reading your blogs.” So here it is. About 4 years ago we stopped watching the daily news in our house – ABC4 Kids probably had a major role to play in that… Continue reading Chainsaws, Shotguns, Genocide and other WMD’s

There is no “WHY” in Eden

After a few decades of working with people through some of their most tragic moments, devastating losses, confusions, hurts, challenges, shattered dreams, relationship breakdowns, and many other varied situations, I have discovered a question that is far more devastating than the actual circumstance. “WHY?” I have found time and time again the debilitating nature and… Continue reading There is no “WHY” in Eden