This day three years ago we woke up like any other day at 5am (my kids never did get that memo about 7am wake-up protocol), but this day wasn’t like any other early morning… Three days prior we’d been told that without heart surgery Eden wouldn’t see out the week, her cardiac failure that she’d… Continue reading 6 THINGS I WISH I KNEW BEFORE OPEN HEART SURGERY


LABEL THIS!!! (Feel free to picture me saying this with 1 finger up, your choice which finger) In my life I have had the privilege of rubbing shoulders with world leaders in the areas of Religion, Politics, Business, and Music.  I have met some of the best “Motivational” speakers around, whilst they have had some… Continue reading LABEL THIS!!!

Introducing Israel! The x2 of perfectbydesignx2

For those that are not aware this blog is about our family, it’s about raising awareness of Down syndrome that has affected our world in the most positive of ways and it’s about us sharing our little journey with all of you that care to join. It is our prayer that we can introduce you… Continue reading Introducing Israel! The x2 of perfectbydesignx2

Happy Anniversary Eden

So, exactly 1 year ago today at 5:30am, we headed into The Mater Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, Queensland. It was time to give our gorgeous princess into the hands of the greatest cardiovascular surgical team I have ever met (and hope to never meet again). At 10 weeks old our little angel literally faced a… Continue reading Happy Anniversary Eden