The Ghost of Christmas Usher

I do love Christmas the songs, the food, oh my goodness the food! Rocky Road, Christmas Cake, Roast Pork, Seafood, YoYo’s (like Melting moments but better), berries and stone fruit, the list goes on but I think you get it. I even just love the all round happiness the season seems to bring, I guess that’s the Christmas Spirit. Living… Continue reading The Ghost of Christmas Usher

Michael Mann you are a genius!!

I normally only blog once a month, this month however is a special month for us, and hopefully you will see why in a moment. As previously written about a few days ago, “Happy Anniversary Eden”, we celebrated 12 months from Edens open heart surgery. 2 days before the surgery was scheduled I received an… Continue reading Michael Mann you are a genius!!

Happy Anniversary Eden

So, exactly 1 year ago today at 5:30am, we headed into The Mater Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, Queensland. It was time to give our gorgeous princess into the hands of the greatest cardiovascular surgical team I have ever met (and hope to never meet again). At 10 weeks old our little angel literally faced a… Continue reading Happy Anniversary Eden