I wish

I wish I hadn’t cried so much I wish I hadn’t seen a diagnosis I wish I’d seen how beautiful you were I wish I hadn’t thought you were broken I wish I’d realised I was broken I wish I hadn’t judged you by the shape of your eyes I wish I had known they… Continue reading I wish

Then this happened!

Recently my amazing husband wrote a poem ‘I Don’t Want to Change Her, But…’ it’s pretty awesome. Today we got a bit creative… I DON’T WANT TO CHANGE HER, BUT… This is not the way I’d thought I’d start, To share this message from my heart. A question asked from my little buddy That left… Continue reading Then this happened!

Five ways to avoid diagnosis faux pas

By Ruth Usher Really this should be called part two, but who’s going to click on something called that (not this little ‘click bait’ junkie). Recently I wrote an article called ‘Whats wrong with her? And 10 other things you should never say to the parent of a child with Down syndrome’, if you haven’t… Continue reading Five ways to avoid diagnosis faux pas