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photo (2)A bit about Ruth

Protector of lazy evenings on the couch, seriously why would you go out when you can spend an evening indoors and on the couch. Reality cooking show junky, I should have started honing my skills 5 years ago, who knew Masterchef would still be going? Really bad gardener, you can buy a lot of veggies for the money I’ve spent setting up veggie patches. I’d like to add things to this list like ‘budding artist, weekend surfer and mountain biker’ but let’s face it they’re all lies and as my grade 3 teacher Ms Rantel would say “if you’re going to cheat, you’re only cheating yourself”. Before you think I’m a lounge sloth with no interests worthy of mentioning you should know I do love to sew, pretty much anything other than clothing. I’m also a dedicated coffee drinker who definitely drinks for effect not for the flavour, if it’s not a double shot don’t waste my time! I’m the mother of two perfect little gems of children, Israel and Eden (who has Down-syndrome) she’s completely changed our lives, our perspective on life and made us focus on what really matters. I’m the wife of one (praise God), but seriously he’s a keeper and I’m sure there’s a few Posts to follow that will explain why.

I live an extremely blessed life, one most people only ever get to dream about. A coastal life in a small community on the east coast of Australia, life is simple yet not without its challenges. Summer days are spent on the beach building castles, listening to the waves, watching Israel learn to surf and Eden eat sand (I’m sure she’ll grow out of it one day, until then I just put it down to roughage).

We’ve been on a crazy roller coaster the last two years and this blog is to share some of those experiences (Sea Change, Down-syndrome and Cardiac Surgery just to get started). Also I hope we encourage maybe even challenge you along the way, but most of all I want this Blog to charter our journey that is to come. This is my life and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Oh yeah one more thing, I just happen to be a follower of Christ, don’t worry I won’t try to convert you, your life is your choice. It will be evident in a whole lot of my writings so let’s get it out there now; I’ve never been a fan of surprises!


One thought on “About Us

  1. Thank you Ruth for a wonderful blog; honest, thoughtful, and filled with love and humor. You are encouraging many through your experiences as Mother to Eden and Israel. I am excited to read more; just found you online. I also Love seeing or reading anything about Australia!!

    I am the eldest of nine; my youngest sibling Rachel has DS. She was born in 1983 to a big, loving family in Silverton, Oregon, USA. As the oldest I remember the early challenges and the blessings. My parents trusted that God had a plan and Rachel has proved that over and over. She is fun and hardworking, loves being our little sister and now an Auntie to many nieces and nephews.

    I can relate to much of what you wrote about your labor and birthing experience. Thank you for sharing with such candor. My husband Travis and I chose not to have prenatal testing for our first baby. Tracie Lorene was born by emergency C-sec. in 1996 with Apert Syndrome. We started our parenting journey with tears, sadness, hope, and joy. We had a new fragile baby girl and had no idea what the future held. Looking back we see how God put wonderful people in our path to comfort and strengthen and encourage. Tracie is almost 19, our second daughter Allie is 17 and we now live in Montana, USA. Tracie has persevered through many illnesses and surgeries and is now healthy and looking forward to her future. We encourage her to try new things and dream big. She doesn’t know what career or job she will do yet, but she has faith that God has a plan for her life.
    I am so glad you posted about “what not to say to parents…” This applies to parents of children with any thing out of the “ordinary”.
    God Bless you and your family.
    Warm Greetings from Montana,
    Karen N.


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