So recently I auditioned for a national reality TV singing show, it was an absolute blast, the people we met, the coaches, executive team, the band, all the staff involved and all the artists that we met along the way were absolutely beautiful souls with no exception. 

Spoiler alert for those that may not have had the privilege of seeing how awesome I was, I made it to the TV round of auditions but didn’t go past that (THANK GOD!). It was a lengthy process to get to where I got to and I was in the top 1% of those that auditioned for the show overall. 130/10,000. So pretty good achievement. 

As with all these styles of shows there is a story element to your performance,some are sad, some are stories of hope, some are stories of a desperate need to change their life and circumstances, mine was none of that, mine was a Love Story.  

It was a story about my family and my desire to show my kids that it doesn’t matter what others or the world say about you as long as you give it your best shot you will ALWAYS win!! 

This is an important message for anybody but for me it was directed to both of my children, and we will always have a huge life memory to draw on to frame this in our future.

To fully capture this the executive team of said reality TV show wanted to focus on my little girl, you see she was born 3 yrs ago and she was born with Down syndrome, the executive team, heard my families story about Eden and fell in love with our positive attitude towards life and our deep sense of love for each other and the world we live in, not to mention the way she just captivates every soul she touches with love and compassion. She makes hearts melt in shopping centres all the time.  

They wanted to focus on this part of our story as they believed it was the best way possible for them to promote awareness around the stigma’s and prejudices that we will face over her lifetime.

They didn’t see our story as one of sadness, or a tail of woe and misfortune, they saw it as the ultimate expression of love, and they wanted to be a part of it. 

How do I know that this is what they wanted, because of the grace, love and compassion they showed to me and my family in the lead up to and after our time on the show had drawn to a close.

You see right in the middle of the audition process, Eden was struck down with an illness that put her quite literally on deaths door. During these 4 weeks I was supposed to attend auditions, do “homework”, record backstory, and the list goes on, they were constantly in contact with me telling me that I did not need to attend this or do that and that all my attention should be focused on my family and not to worry about their production needs. 

They would constantly send messages of love, prayer, thoughts and general good vibes to all of us.  

They engaged with us like we were family, they showed us love that I would not and did not expect to receive from such a massive production, they never once pressured us around their agenda or needs. 

They showed us this by the respectful and tasteful way they presented my family in the TV pre package component leading into my stage/coach audition. 

I cannot speak more highly of this team or the love and respect they showed for me and my family in the entire process. 

If the world was able to adopt the approach that this team did to all people, not just people with disabilities, then my goodness this world would be a completely different place. 

Imagine a world that saw all people having great, intrinsic value and the ability to contribute regardless of race, culture, abilities, economic status, religion, sex or anything else that has the potential to polarise and divide. 

Utopia maybe?? Completely possible if you value LOVE over self. 

Watch my awesomeness!!


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