Things I Will Forget This Week

After a dramatic 2 weeks and counting with my little girl, the importance of life and its priorities are once again in focus….  I hope this helps bring some focus for all who read!

Things I may forget this week
1) Names of Doctors and Nurses (sorry)
2) how much we spent on takeout food and blew out the eating plan
3) how much parking costs at a hospital
4) who won any kind of major sporting event
5) what work I didn’t get done and who may be upset by that!

Things I will never forget
1) How tirelessly medical staff work to keep other people’s family and
friends alive
2) Generosity of family, friends and complete strangers
3) The fight my heavily sedated little girl made to open her eyes, if
just for a second, after hearing daddy’s voice in P.I.C.U
4) The smile that consumed her face when I told her Israel (her
brother) misses her
5) The grip of her little finger that tightened as I began to whisper
to her the everyday prayer I pray over her, “You are born with
purpose, purpose that will change and impact the world. You are
strong, powerful, loving, caring, compassionate, creative,
intelligent, kind, honest, resourceful, trusting and
trustworthy, you are loyal, faithful, Divinely appointed, a fighter
and an overcomer, you are loved without condition, always and forever
no matter what. You are PERFECT BY DESIGN”
6) The tears I shed,  that ran down my face and dripped onto her hand
as she loved her daddy back through all her pain and suffering, to let
him know she will be coming home!!

Love you my angel. Keep fighting!!



2 thoughts on “Things I Will Forget This Week

  1. Thanks Colin You have shared your heart. Peter abs I and our daughter Rhonda and our son in law took turns at the Mater for over five months with Lachlan. I saw him in PICU, a padded cell in child psych ward and in a medical ward while tests were carried out and medications trialled. We could identify with everything you listed. We continue to pray for you all. Love Bonita Cattell

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  2. Hope Eden is home with her family real soon. Lovely words Colin. Your little girl is a fighter and clearly is letting you know she is giving her all. How wonderful is sibling love, the smile you described warms my heart as Edens light and spirit burns bright even in the toughest of times. Thoughts are with you all.


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