Introducing Israel! The x2 of perfectbydesignx2

For those that are not aware this blog is about our family, it’s about raising awareness of Down syndrome that has affected our world in the most positive of ways and it’s about us sharing our little journey with all of you that care to join.

It is our prayer that we can introduce you to a world that you may not have had the pleasure of being exposed to and too highlight that “EVERYONE HAS ENORMOUS VALUE AND WORTH!”

Admittedly the first few blogs have been focused around the life and trials of Eden Rose and Celebrating the “Everyday Champions” during Down syndrome awareness month, but for those playing at home; you may have noticed that the web address is Perfect by Design x2.  With that in mind I would like to take a moment to introduce you to one of the greatest champions of ALL time.

Israel James, he is the first of our x2, at 5 years old (sorry 5 ½ years old) he has taken life by the horns and wrestled it to the ground at every possible opportunity.

  • 4 years old was the youngest ever “Surf Grom” participant in our region, and if you ask him mastered the art of Surfing on his first lesson and didn’t need to go back again, as they only do the same stuff over and over, “and I already know how to do surfing!”
  • Jedi Master and gifted wielder of the Lightsaber
  • Lego Master Builder
  • Drummer/Guitarist/Singer all round musical prodigy
  • Dancer
  • Skylander’s Portal Master

And to think all this by the age of 5 ½, the world is literally his oyster and he will enjoy every tasty morsel it offers!

IMG_5810 5x7

All that aside, he is seriously the most, cheeky, funny, kind, soft hearted, compassionate, strong, loving, honest, caring, tenacious, determined, gifted, intelligent, fierce, loyal, accepting, gracious, strong willed, faith-filled, tender, selfless, accepting, protective and supportive person I know.

IMG_5907 5x7

He is our constant reminder that things will be ok, and that we can make it through anything if we tackle it as a family.  He has embraced the challenge of learning key word sign with enthusiasm and gusto, so that Eden has the best opportunity to learn and communicate with us and the world around her, because he wants her to succeed and be all she can be.

I remember one of the many occasions we were in the hospital, in the very early days, visiting Eden in the special care nursery, this young “Boy” and I sat down for a snack in the courtyard, he looked up at me

“Dad, Eden’s a little different isn’t she?” (We had not explained the diagnosis of Ds with him at the time.) I replied “Yes mate she is.”  He looked up at me with his big blue eyes and without skipping a beat “But that’s Okay Dad, because different is GOOD”.  (Needless to say this Big fella was smashed with tears, pride, love and an understanding that it will be alright!)

Another occasion he had left the hospital and I hear a whisper in the back seat, I asked him what he was doing, “I’m just talking to the moon, I want Mummy to come home.”  I told him he could pray to Jesus if he wanted, so he did as we drove.  1 hour later, I received a phone call from Ruth, “can you come and pick me up, my bed at the hospital broke and they don’t have any others available, I’m allowed to come home..”  and for those that think well that’s a nice coincidence he did it 3 days later for Eden and she was allowed to come home from Special Care Nursery also (2-3 weeks earlier than expected), faith like a child is a powerful thing.

But before I get all preachy, I just wanted you all to have the pleasure of meeting this true CHAMPION, he is constantly on the move and he will achieve great things, he was born with purpose and we are so very proud of him, of how he loves his sister and how he embraces every moment of life (at a very tiring 200Km/hour!!)

“We love you always and forever no matter what!”


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