T21 October – Celebrating Eli


This is Eli hes 2.5 and according to his mum “Texan to the Bone”.

We found out prenatally, after a long fertility struggle, that Eli would have Down syndrome. I would be lying if I said the remainder of my pregnancy wasn’t filled with stress and worry, but one of our best memories is the day he was born. It was a celebration and he has been filling our lives with light ever since.

Eli’s biggest challenge is speech, though one of his strongest abilities is communication – emotionally and through sign language. Despite his lack of words, Eli is developmentally typical in nearly every other way. He has worked hard and we are so proud of his accomplishments! 

Eli is sweet, spunky and yet shy. He’s very curious and likes to take in his surroundings. His favourite food is chicken nuggets and he loves to be outdoors.

Thanks so much for sharing Ashley! To learn more about Eli make sure you check out www.baryyandashley.wordpress.com and their IG feed is @thosenewmans



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