T21 October – Celebrating Andrew

photo 4 (1)This is Andrew and he lives in the same town as us. When Andrew was born 29 years ago his parents were told that he would be a (it pains me to write this word) “vegetable” within 5 months and the best thing they could do is walk away and leave him at hospital… Thank goodness they discarded this doctor’s opinion and took their boy home, loved him, fought for him and gave him purpose and a great life. Andrew has continually defied the odds that were given at his diagnosis. Andrew is an active member of our community and everyone knows and loves him. His mum Cheryl let us know a whole lot about him.

Favourite moment – Being the ‘ring bearer’ at Andrew’s cousin’s wedding this year. Andrew was beaming and did such a great job. 

Greatest Achievements – (Too many to list, but here’s a few) Defying the Doctor’s odds and living a healthy, successful and happy life. Graduating senior with “senior badges”, this gave Andrew prefect status. Andrew also competed with Special Olympics many times and has quite a few medals.

photo 1 (1)

Attending two senior formals (one of which was his), with a beautiful partner by his side. Obtaining a job through “his own” efforts at Daily Grind. (Andrew approached them himself).

Happiest Memories – Driving his Uncle’s ride on mower independently around their property (he was stoked). Celebrating his house warming party at his new unit, he is currently transitioning to live independently.

photo 2 (2)

Funny Memories – Andrew loves people and loves parties and loves life. He also loves Mr Bean and a particularly funny moment was when he decided to act out a Mr Bean scene at the international airport when he pulled out a make believe gun from under his shirt. (Funny and stressful).

I am so grateful to have Andrew and his family in our community, they have shown me that nothing is beyond reach for our girl, Eden has a bright and wonderful future in a community that doesn’t just accept difference but embraces it and makes it part of their everyday. We all live very ordinary lives but we are blessed with an extraordinary community!


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