T21 October – Celebrating Hazel


This is Hazel and she’s a bit divine! Her mum Steph had this to say.

Our sweet little Hazel. This girl has come into our lives and completely turned it upside down, but then managed to turn it back right again. Down syndrome was not something we were prepared for, or wanted, it was just part of the package. Hazel was ours, made of our blood and love. We wouldn’t change her for the world. 

We wish she didn’t have to work so very hard for things. However, it just so happens that she LOVES to work hard. She’s a very determined little girl, who like many of her peers, walks, plays, talks, cries, eats, dances, sings and loves fiercely. Every ounce of effort we put into helping or teaching her is paid back to us ten fold by overflowing our hearts with pride.

Down syndrome is something that makes up who Hazel is but it certainly doesn’t define her. We celebrate Hazel everyday for the little girl she is. She is a big sister that loves to laugh and play with her sister, Nola. She is a spunky, stubborn, toddler who is determined to get her way at all time. Hazel loves to be outside. She loves to read books. Dance parties are a bit of a regular thing around here. Her favourite TV show is “The Voice.” She is absolutely obsessed with the “Frozen” soundtrack. She knows most of the words to all of the songs (her own language of course).

Thanks for letting us in to Hazels world Stephanie. To see more of Hazel go to ChasingHazel.com you’ll be able to link to her FB page and IG account from there.


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