T21 October – Celebrating Maddie

Here’s one of our home grown Aussies! Maddie Moo is 16 months old and lives in Tasmania.

Her greatest challenge has been facing Open Heart Surgery at 6 months of age. Thankfully everything went smoothly and she was home after only 3 nights in Hospital.

Her favourite food is really anything she can feed herself – so there is lots of finger food! Although potato stix are pretty special – they are even effective when we have tears from falling over and bumping her head!

One of the best family moments for us was when her sister met her for the first time, then 21 months old. It was lovely to see the bond begin between the 2 sisters.

We love seeing her start to realise the daily cycles and including herself in them such as waving daddy off to work in the morning and giving everyone hugs – especially when of her own volition. 

I had the pleasure meeting Maddie, her big sister and her mum recently. Eden and Maddie really hit it off,  they are only 3 weeks apart in age. We can’t wait to see you all next time, maybe even in Tassie? You can follow Maddie in the  Adventure of Maddie Moo Facebook.com/maddiemooau




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