T21 October – Celebrating Aniston


This is Aniston, at I presume her Buddy Walk recently. Anistons mums IG account is @downrightperfect and isn’t that just the truth! You are perfect Aniston in every way!

Aniston is all the way from Texas and her latest accomplishment is pulling to stand and her greatest challenge is learning to drink fluids independently (she’s still breast fed). Another great accomplishment is beginning to self feed!

Those are such great achievements, our Eden is just beginning to do some of the same, if your house is like ours it will be erupting with cheers as you learn these new things. You can see more of Aniston at www.facebook.com/DownRightPerfect


(Am I the only person who when I hear the place Texas thinks of “Friday Night Lights” or do y’all do it? Love that show!)


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