T21 October – Celebrating Benny


This is Benny, bringing the magic!

Greatest Accomplishment – Finally rolling at 10.5 months!

Greatest Challenge – Motivation.  Benny doesn’t show much interest in anything but     people, so it’s hard to motivate him to physically do things.  

Favourite food – JUST LOVES FOOD!  Any and all baby foods or anything I puree for him at the moment.  

Funniest saying – He doesn’t say anything yet except Mamamamama and Dadadadada, but he has recently learned how to hiss and it’s hilarious!  He hisses at everyone especially his physical therapist when she makes him work!

Thanks for sharing with us Jamie, your boy is adorable! To discover more about Benny go to benthroughitall.com and follow on Instagram @benthroughitall


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