T21 October – Celebrating Elisha


This is Elisha she’s 23, here she is with just one of her many awards.

Most recently she was so proud to tell everyone that she has now passed the test to gain her Learners Permit driving licence – the big achievement that she has been working towards for the last 18 months. Now she is so excited at the prospect of learning to drive. The bright purple car that she wants is already picked out!

Elisha’s favourite thing is watching Home and Away with her dad in the evenings. Most days she has to rush in from her busy social life to be there for each episode. At times when she’s tied up with other things, we have to record the episode for her.

Looking back at Elisha growing up there are so many memorable, as well as proud moments that it would take too long to list them all. She surprises us every day with her determination to move on to the next big challenge. This year she was determined that she wanted to visit family in the UK – by herself!!! so after a lot of preparation and training starting from taking small flights alone and writing down instructions of who to call and what to do if things went wrong, she made the trip.

We are now a little worried about the next big adventure that she is wanting to try!

Elisha is one of two Queenslanders with Ds to have a drivers licence, well done Elisha! (Some valuable information for parents out there about to embark on this prospect is that while the test is completely achievable it is the process and setting that seems daunting to some. The transport department have staff that sit with people with disabilities, not to do it for them, but to walk them through the process of application). We can’t wait to see the picture of your bright purple car!


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