T21 October – Celebrating Addison

Hands up who knows this girl! Yep this is the famous Addison, her mum Deanna is my all time favourite blogger, she’s raw, real, witty, sarcastic and brilliant! Check out her blog Everything and Nothing from Essex you won’t be disappointed, ever!
Addisons favourite food is ice cream in a cone (and if you follow on Instagram you’ll know this to be fact). Her favourite place is Papa’s House! Her best family moments are all the little moments of our ordinary days. The family dinners, story time, walks, driving in the car together. Just being together with 3 tiny children and parents who love them- Addison loves just being together as a family.
Addison is pure delight and her love for life is infectious, even via the internet and social media! Thanks Deanna for taking the time out to share your great girl with us. To see more of Addison and her two boisterous brothers make sure you check out @eanfe IG account and her blog www.deannajsmith.com

One thought on “T21 October – Celebrating Addison

  1. Love love love reading your snippets of theses little tykes…I do a little happy dance for them (on the inside). 😀


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