T21 October – Celebrating Tessa

TessaOct15Meet Tessa! Becky her amazing mum had a few things to share about her Special Girl.

Her greatest accomplishment by far is beating leukemia! Our favourite memory is sharing her diagnosis with her brother (click here to view it). 

The way to this kids heart is through her stomach. Tessa is a GREAT eater, but her all time favourite snack is any chips/crackers with any type of dip…guac, cheese dip, hummas, salsa…we haven’t  met one she doesn’t like!

Life with Tessa is adventurous but we are enjoying every minute of the ride!

Tessa’s mum wrote a book called 47 Strings that explains the extra chromosome so beautifully to siblings, I would recommend it for any family who has a child with Down syndrome, Child Care and Schools. You can find it at TRISOMY TWENTY-ONEderful, if you’re an Instagrammer why not give @dear_tessa a follow too.



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