T 21 October – Celebrating Gredel

GredelTues14Meet Gredel she is 2 years old and from the USA! Gredel’s aunty shared some things about her for us.

I would say Gredel’s greatest achievement has been overcoming obstacles. She is so determined and I love that about her! She has showed me, her family, friends, and so many others that Down syndrome is just a diagnosis. Down syndrome doesn’t define her and it will never limit her. She has her whole life ahead of her and I can’t wait to see what big things are in store for her.

Gredel’s favourite place  is outside, she loves going for walks! She loves seeing birds, dogs, cats and will gasp point and sign their names.

I think Gredel’s best feature are her eye’s. I love the way they light up when she is happy and excited, they tell a story and smile on their own.

We love your eye’s too Gredel, just like our Eden you smile with your eye’s. Gredel is so lucky to have an aunty like you Alyssa!

All credit for this beautiful picture goes to rachelleheppnerphotography.com


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