T21 October – Celebrating Lennon



This is Lennon and she is 4! Her mum Taryn had a few stories to tell us.

Best Memory: At 19 months old she said “I stand up!” While standing on a kitchen chair. She was completely non-verbal, and mostly still is. But I knew at that moment she was smarter than I had given her credit for, and I knew she had words, words I would have to work very hard at getting her to use (because signing was ‘easier’). Her vocabulary has exploded in the last 6 months, and while she is still considered non-verbal, she speaks more and more everyday, it’s amazing! We can even have small and funny conversations now!

Favourite snacks: Daily… Daily, I tell you… She asks for cakes/cupcakes and pink Icees. She would eat that or chips everyday, every meal if I let her. She is always so polite when asking, err begging! “Mummy. Cupcake? Pleeeeeese?!”

Favourite thing: shoes, clothes, jewellery, and accessories. Lennon loves to get dressed – because she loves more than anything to go out on the town and meet people. She loves boots and moccasins more than any of her other shoes… Probably because they are easier for her to put on, but I tell myself it’s because she knows what looks good.

Hmm I wonder why Lennon likes going out on the town? Seems she is just like her mumma Taryn! I love following Lennon and seeing how well she is doing, it gives me hope that with some hard work Eden’s speech will just take off one day.

Instagram @tarynaki_sauce


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