Down Syndrome Awareness Month

339I remember October last year, we’d survived heart surgery but Eden was still being fed by Nasal Gastric tube much to my frustration. She was putting on weight and developing well in every other area, so I put it all down to a win and knew that blinking tube was only for a time!

October last year was about the time I realised I could begin to see Eden’s future, until this time I’d been scared to look at her further than being a baby. I began to follow a few mums and families of Children with Down syndrome on Instagram and various Blogs. Don’t get me wrong I still struggle with the whole future thing, I can’t delve into the teen or adult possibilities yet but I can see her as a toddler and a pre-schooler, trust me this is progress. 

October last year was the first time I realised there was an awareness month for Down syndrome, I eagerly watched on as Blogs and Instagram came alive with such amazing stories of people with Down syndrome defying the odds, achieving beyond what was ever expected. I felt encouraged and knew there was a place for our Poppet in this world! I dared to dream of life beyond that moment, I daydreamed of writing blogs and posting pics that encouraged others, which gave others a hope for a day beyond tomorrow.

During this past year I’ve watched Eden become TUBE FREE! I believe it was the hardest week of her and my life, and dare I say it harder than heart surgery recovery! I’ve watched her overcome so many obstacles to do with feeding and her aversion to it. I’ve watched her work so hard to achieve the simplest mile stone, rolling, sitting, crawling, standing, pointing, signing and the beginnings of communication! It hasn’t been done without a lot of support, physio, OT, speech therapy and Early Intervention but she’s the one who’s succeeded, she’s the one who’s worked so hard when none of it came naturally to her.

It’s this line of thinking that led me to this October! 

This October I want to celebrate the everyday, the kids in our lives who’ve worked so hard to achieve what comes so naturally to others. I want to sing the praises of our kids, the child who finally is walking, the child who finished a plate of food, and the child who breathes life into every room they enter, the child who started school and loves it! The list goes on… and it will…

This October I will be posting on the blog and on Instagram everyday a child with DS, we’ll celebrate their successes, their challenges, their life! This all kicks off on Wednesday, so if you’re an Instagramer follow our feed you’ll find all our details to the right on the sidebar. If not, feel free to check in on the blog and catch it all here. If you’re a parent of a child/teen/adult with DS and you’d like to celebrate them with us you can leave a comment with your email and I’ll forward all the details to you.

Lets celebrate!


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