Chainsaws, Shotguns, Genocide and other WMD’s



I received a comment recently, saying, “Can you please do a blog about chainsaws or shotguns? I am tired of crying after reading your blogs.”

So here it is.

About 4 years ago we stopped watching the daily news in our house – ABC4 Kids probably had a major role to play in that decision – News or Shawn the Sheep? Give me that mischievous little sheep any day of the week!!

The other contributing factor was the non-stop violence and destruction that fills our world on a daily basis. Shotguns in schools and chainsaw massacres (well, maybe not, but it needed to suit the title). Bombings in Iraq, terrorists here, there and everywhere, murders and beatings. It was just dreadful to watch. The “superior” beings of this planet looking for new and creative ways to completely destroy each other.

We felt that we could live without it and we haven’t really missed it. On the odd occasion that we catch the news, I have discovered it is like watching “Neighbours” or “Bold and the Beautiful” – it’s really painful, it’s repetitive and you can sum up each episode in 30 seconds.

I am continually shocked and dumbfounded at the way human beings devalue life. What gives us the right to determine whose life has more worth than someone else’s? Religion, ethnicity, culture, birth defect – it would appear that we only need a simple disagreement with someone to be able to justify such senseless slaughter.

After the birth of my little princess Eden Rose, my heart was completely destroyed, for 2 reasons:

1) I had just received the most precious gift of my first baby girl!!  She wrapped me around her finger instantly!! She wrecked me for life in the best possible way – completely overcome and overwhelmed with love, joy, peace, hope, excitement and opportunity.  She destroyed me with overwhelming happiness and enthusiasm.

2) Over the next few days I found out that the abortion of children with Down Syndrome sits at around the 93% mark, conservatively, (up to 98% has been suggested) and for what? An extra chromosome!! It is not a virus or a disease; it can’t be caught or passed on because you shared a sipper cup!!  Truth be known, if you can catch it I WANT IT!!!

Honestly, the more I’ve held my baby girl, watching her grow and interact with people over the last 16 months, watching how she completely captivates the hearts of strangers, giving them a moment of true joy with her all encompassing smile, her pure and innocent heart, her life giving, loving and accepting eyes, the more I realise that maybe the rest of us have missed out on something!! Maybe these amazing people are the ones who are truly blessed. Maybe we, “the normal”, are the ones MISSING a chromosome?!

I dare you to look at the pictures of my little girl, meet her face to face and tell me that her life has no value, no purpose, no meaning. She would just smile at you and make you feel loved. On the other hand, it would be highly likely that my missing chromosome would kick into action and I would take to you with the aforementioned shotgun or chainsaw.

Why on earth have we decided that “Down Syndrome”, any birth defect, or a pure and innocent baby, should be removed from the planet forever? That their lives have absolutely no value – that they can literally “be thrown in the trash”?

After doing further research around abortion, I stumbled upon this website. It’s a real time counter of abortions across the globe from January 1, 2014.  Forget the ALS challenge, here is my new challenge!!

I challenge you to watch it for 1 minute and every time the number changes, think about a child, sibling, cousin, mother, father, grandparent being taken from your world. How different would your life be?


 The projection for 2014 is the abortion of 2 times the Australian population.

We are destroying our own with heartless abandon – how my heart aches!

“I have come that you might have life, life to the full, life in abundance.” John10:10.






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