Michael Mann you are a genius!!

I normally only blog once a month, this month however is a special month for us, and hopefully you will see why in a moment.

As previously written about a few days ago, “Happy Anniversary Eden”, we celebrated 12 months from Edens open heart surgery.

2 days before the surgery was scheduled I received an email from Michael Mann.  This email had a song attached that he had written “JUST” on his bus ride home from work. It brought a shed load of tears to my face!! As I played it to for my wife she too was unable to stop her face from leaking.

You may think that this would be a normal reaction from the flood of emotion that we where experiencing at the time, but it was far greater than that, in her bedroom that afternoon, unbeknownst to myself or Michael my beautiful wife had cried out to God to have someone other than me tell her “Eden was going to be alright,” 3 hours later this song arrived……

(click song title to listen)

Edens Song
By Michael Mann
Eden girl you’re going to be alright
You’ll go in, come out the other side
How can two small hands hold
Hearts as big as you have made ours?
Eden our delight

Eden darling you will be just fine
You’re not like other ones and that’s alright
You are teaching us Love’s
A stronger glue then we could ever know
Eden our delight

Eden know that we are always here
A Love that always stands against our fear
Blood is thick through thick and thin
We are always family to the bone
Eden our delight

Eden we will see you very soon
They’ll fix that hole and we will bring you home
You will grow, learn and we
Will love you till Kingdom comes
Eden our delight

The very first line of this song where the exact words my wife had cried out for just 3 hours earlier, you may put this down purely and simply as coincidence, personally I like to give credit to a personal and intimate God that knows our thoughts and heart cries before we even let them out, a God that has answers in our darkest need and is there for all occasions!

Take a few minutes and have another listen!! Again Mikey, you were a blessing to us beyond measure, thanks for allowing God to interrupt your day on that bus ride home!



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