Happy Anniversary Eden


So, exactly 1 year ago today at 5:30am, we headed into The Mater Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, Queensland. It was time to give our gorgeous princess into the hands of the greatest cardiovascular surgical team I have ever met (and hope to never meet again).

At 10 weeks old our little angel literally faced a fight for her life.
4 days earlier, after explaining to the medical team that Eden was turning blue when she fed, her eyes rolled back into her head and were quite sunken at those moments, we were told in a fairly nonchalant manner, “oh that’s just cardiac failure, it just means she’s only got
a week left!”. Needless to say it made for a very long and sleep deprived weekend!!

For those who may be unaware, it is not uncommon for babies with Down Syndrome to be born with a heart defect. What’s rare is for them to have an Atrioventricular Septal Defect (AV Defect), a Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) and a Persistent Ductus Arteriosus. Our Eden definitely doesn’t do things half-heartedly!!

After handing her over to the team, what else was left for us to do?
We could sit in the “worrying room”, or we could go for coffee. Luke
12:25 says “Who, by worrying, can add a single hour to your life?” The decision was quite clear, after a brief discussion, we headed out to breakfast. It was truly an amazing time for us, filled with laughter.
Our hearts were buoyed with an overwhelming sense of peace and protection – another promise that God had given to us.

6 hours of surgery and recovery later, we were allowed in to see our princess. It was the largest AV Defect the cardio team had seen, yet they had never had such an ease of surgery. The anesthesiologist found her veins for her drips like never before. “They just literally fell into place. It was like I could have thrown them from across the room and they would have gone straight in!” The surgery was a complete success and our Eden has gone from strength to strength every day since.

Sometimes there are situations in life that are beyond our control, they don’t seem fair, they don’t seem just and it can often seem that life is out to destroy us. The truth is there is one who came to steal, kill and destroy, but there is one far greater who came to give life, life to the full, life abundantly and life eternal.

Today I want to stop and say THANK YOU.

1) THANK YOU GOD, for your protection, leading, faithfulness, wisdom, majesty, joy, hope, love and life that you have given to me and my family.
2) THANK YOU RUTH, my amazing wife. Her strength, tenacity, fierce love, patience, endurance, laughter, compassion and continuous capacity to care for her family make her the most beautiful woman I know.
3) THANK YOU ISRAEL, my son, 4 1/2 years old at the time of surgery, yet showed love, compassion, mercy, sacrifice, generosity, stature, faith and strength beyond that of many grown men. Truly you are a lion heart!!
4) THANK YOU FAMILY AND FRIENDS, I am truly blessed to be surrounded by people who love and cherish us, enrich our family, are generous to a fault and surround us in love. I pray I can be the same for you.
5) THANK YOU MEDICAL TEAMS, for the hours you have spent knowing your craft. Your dedication, commitment, heart and generosity save lives on a daily basis.
6) THANK YOU TO YOU, for taking the time to read our story. It is the most valuable thing you have to give. I pray that you find something in these moments that inspire, encourage and help you grow. Don’t give up, don’t give in, you are valuable and you have a future that is brighter than your today.

We love you all!!




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